MNT Events has been trading since 2014, and it has become the supplier of choice for many workshops and conferences in South Africa. We are well known in the industry and have an outstanding reputation for expertise in our field. We understand industry trends and developments and have the ability to identify the right issues to bring to delegates through informative events

MNT believes digital transformation is more than just providing online and mobile functionality. Every industry will soon be driven by digitization and every winning company will be using algorithms, or mathematical rules for processing information, to shape the end-to-end customer experience. Any advantages you have now will pale in comparison with a great set of algorithms that differentiates the customer experience. It is the algorithms that will create value for the business.

For organizations who are willing to embrace this change, digital transformation can provide the opportunity to rethink how they use technology at the most fundamental level. This can help businesses to improve their product and/or service offerings while also building a more meaningful relationship with their new generation of customers.

About Training

If you can’t come to us, we are happy to come to you. We design in-house training which is custom-tailored to your needs and specifications — from individual measures all the way to an international qualification program. We then work with your employees to tackle your specific challenges, topics, and processes, assisting your teams as they apply what they have learned.

The following webinars have been lined-up for the months ahead:

  • Banking Innovation Conference
  • Customer Centricity & Analytics Conference
  • Invisible Banking Conference
  • Machine Learning & AI Conference.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • To be a credible recognized conference company to big and small companies providing services in Conference Administration and overall Event Management.
  • Our mission is to deliver a world class and superior services to our clients.
  • We measure our success based on the knowledge we have provided to our clients. That is why we work hard in putting together latest topics and issues surrounding our client’s organisations.
  • To provide a full range of procurement and conference management services including value added services
  • To achieve and maintain a high degree of customer confidence and satisfaction by continuous upgrade as per market trends, service performance and prompt atention to customer needs
  • To develop a sound marketing strategy with cost effective solutions
  • To generate adequate internal resources to finance the company’s investment plans, working capital needs and build its reserves for future growth
  • To continuously enhance the quality of service
  • To seek, promote and foster excellence amongst the team and improve productivity.
  • To actively seek expansion of the company’s operation
  • The future of MNT Events depends on our ability to provide customers with products and services that consistently meet or exceed their expectations. Our team is fully committed to providing quality products and service