Next Gen Video Banking

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the manner in which customers access and engage with their banks has undergone significant transformation. One technology that has garnered substantial traction in recent years is video banking.

Customers now anticipate heightened efficiency and flexibility from their financial institutions, particularly following their exposure to new virtual service options during the pandemic. Financial institutions are facing immense pressure to optimize their operations, leading some banks to downsize branches as a response to the increasing digitization of workflows.

In the broader consumer landscape, there is a growing demand for an Omni-channel approach from preferred retailers and service providers. This entails a desire for a diverse range of communication options and the capability for service providers to access all relevant information from a centralized hub. Video banking plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between a fully digital approach and a personalized customer service interaction, introducing a crucial human element.

The advantages of video banking are twofold, providing personalized service to customers who can seamlessly continue their day without the hassle of waiting in long lines or driving long distances. Simultaneously, employees can offer friendly service without the pressures of rushing or risking errors due to multitasking and crowded counters. Investing in technology that supports valued employees represents a strategic move with enduring benefits.

Banking, given its nature involving personal and sensitive information, as well as crucial decision-making, necessitates human involvement. For high-stakes transactions and financial advice, a person, rather than a mere button, is essential to provide customers with the personalized service and peace of mind they require. While video banking facilitates a more digital and convenient daily life, it does not replace on-site contact; instead, the two approaches complement each other seamlessly. Consumers who favor physical branches are likely to embrace video banking platforms, and even users in digital and self-service channels can leverage video chat when facing challenges.

By participating in this conference, delegates will gain insights into key questions such as “How can video banking services be effectively offered to customers?” and “What benefits can banks and financial organizations derive from the implementation of this technology?” Furthermore, attendees will learn strategies to seamlessly integrate video into corporate processes and transactions, enhancing customer satisfaction, productivity, and overall efficacy.

7 Use Cases For Video Banking

Connect more frequently and conveniently with customers to help manage their financial situation.

Build stronger customer relationships by making touch points more proactive, relevant, and frequent.

Enable advisors to become a trusted partners: offer video calls to discuss business dynamics and advise on financing options & loans

Offer a seamless experience from text chat to video calls when customers require a more in-depth conversation with a financial advisor.

Provide prospects and customers with fast and personal advice on mortgages and loans. Through video calls, customers can go faster through the decision process.

Advise insurance customers on the right products and policies

Offer personal advice on how to manage customers' investment portfolio

Speaker Companies

More About The Conference

  • Video banking plays a pivotal role in enhancing accessibility to banking services.
  • By enabling customers to access banking services from the comfort of their homes or any location with an Internet connection, video banking provides unparalleled convenience.
  • Through video calls, advisors can attain a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s specific financial situation and goals, facilitating more personalized and effective assistance.
  • Video banking presents cost-saving opportunities through various means, contributing to the overall efficiency of financial institutions.
  • Modern contact channels such as video chat empower banks to expand their reach to a broader spectrum of consumers.
  • Video banking has the potential to confer a significant competitive advantage to banks within the finance industry.
  • Leveraging video chat for customer service allows banks to enhance efficiency by streamlining operations and improving overall performance.

Over 10 speakers from leading Financial Institutions and key collaborating industry bodies will share their practical Future workforce of South Africa case studies.

The Agenda is an in-depth Step-by-Step Guide to understanding and gaining into the tools and insight for tackling day to day challenges in innovation at the workplace.

It’s Truly South African: discussing uniquely South African Cross Cutting business transformation.

Critical Insights for Actionable Outcomes: we are lining up relevant in-depth topic discussions, and lessons from the front line to give you the takeaway insight that will make a difference for your business digital transformation journey.

  • Video banking – delivering the full potential of next-gen
    customer service.
  • Integrated video banking with different bank channels.
  • How Virtual Banking is reshaping the banking Industry.
  • Integrating Offline and Online Platforms for a Seamless
    Banking Experience.
  • Bringing the human touch to our virtual world.
  • Building the Customer-Centric Bank of the Future.
  • Rethinking the Contact Center’s Role.
  • The future of the bank branch, and the role of digital banking
    and video banking technology will play.
  • Video Teller Solutions Drive Branch Expansion, Service and
  • Use cases of augmented reality in banking.
  • Ways in which Digital CX Leaders can use Open Banking
    and APIs.
  • Opportunities in AI – leveraging tools to deliver a highly
    personalized digital client experience.
  • Deep Learning and Optimization Algorithms.
  • Panel Discussion: The augmented workforce

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