Speaker Bio’s – Open Banking Conference







Mohamed Sangrodi
Management Consultant
IQ Business, Digital



Mohamed is a management consultant at IQ Business and he is currently driving and growing our Digital offering.

As a technology enthusiast, with a strong sense of delivery and the desire to attain great outcomes – He aspires to deliver solutions that make an impact, and is often described as an individual who ‘gets shit done… quickly’ so that clients gain maximum value from interactions with IQ, while at the same time empowering clients to get on without them.

I have been fortunate to be able to combine my passions for lean delivery, problem solving, and technology during my career, to gain key exposure, and learn valuable lessons from inspiring leaders and colleagues in the following areas:

  • Co-Creating operating models and service offerings in one of the largest independent management consulting firms in South Africa
  • Delivery and strategising of innovative fintegration based solutions for one of SA tier one banks.
  • Crafting lasting relationships with a UK Fintech strategic partner at level39
  • Building platforms and propositions for the fintech market

This background has equipped me with the necessary tools and techniques for the pace at which we design digital initiatives and where speed, agility, and customer-centricity are basic expectations, and where disruption and change are the new normal.

I have worked with and for visionaries as well as highly experienced and successful managers, and have come to value agility, passion, courage and delivery in business.

An energetic, ambitious individual who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task undertaken or situation that he is presented with and delivers this “go getter” mind-set in his personal life as well








Brian Richardson
Wizzit International














Fred Baumhardt
Curve Group




I’m a dynamic, and seasoned, leader with proven global experience in incubating, turning around, operating, and focusing IT organisations; measured by exceeding people, organisational, and revenue commitments. Now, I’ve shifted focus to building a challenger financial services business to disrupt legacy processes, systems, and architectures and compete with the new “born digital” FinTech world. I help companies that were disrupted, to be the new disruptors.

In the corporate world, I built a track record of over performance consistently delivering on year on year growth objectives, predictable reliable scorecard, P&L, and workplace health accountabilities. At Microsoft I oversaw the growth of the specialist sales engine in Southern Africa from a small team into a large organisation of specialised sellers and Africa’s First Technology Center facility responsible for competitive selling, deployment, and solutions scenarios through my management team. I have built on that skillset growing into the Regional Director/MD role for VMware Sub Saharan Africa with complete accountability for all aspects of performance for the business. Building a billion dollar digital business was a powerful draw, and I left the corporate world to partner with some experienced FinTech disruptive entrepreneurs to build two new businesses we believe will change the world.

I value my multi-cultural background and have a global outlook, where my work experience includes regional EMEA roles, as well as almost a decade in the UK, 4 years in Switzerland, and most recently in South Africa for 7 years. I was educated in four countries, speak four languages, and have people management as my passion and specialty, as well as innovation and change agency.












Tobie van Zyl
Chief Disruptor
Better Bank Ventures




Tobie is a serial technology entrepreneur, big ideas innovator and energetic leader. He grew up in the financial services industry and since the age of 21 has founded his first online company, an Internet insurance lead generator called Audenberg Brokers, which he sold at age 24.

Ever since, Tobie went on to start Limitless Technology Group, (https://www.limitlesstech.io/) a leading FinTech Company based in South Africa where he served as Founder and CEO from August 2010 until June 2015.

Tobie has an extensive track record in developing and launching of multiple number consumer financial software products and services.

Tobie has now excited Limitless Technology Group and founded a new company called Better Bank Ventures (http://betterbank.vc), a FinTech consulting firm that designs and develops strategic digital distribution strategies for financial services companies through the use of disruptive software products and open API’s.

http://betterbank.vc  |  LinkedIn  |  Twitter










Darrel Orsmond
Industry Head: Financial Services




Darrel worked for Standard Bank SA for 28 years where he was an Exco member for 12 years and was the executive responsible for Direct Banking, Customer Strategy and Transaction Banking. In his last 3 years at Standard Bank SA he was responsible for the business architecture and business case for core banking. During this time he also carried responsibility for Pricing, New Product Development and was a member of IT Architecture Exco, and sponsored the implementation of Basel II, the National Credit Act and SAP Business Partner.  Darrel has consulted to a number of banks in Africa, as well as concluding several assignments for the big 4 and industry in SA.  Darrel is currently Industry Head of Financial Services at SAP. 








Carmen Whateley
Managing Director,
Accenture Mobility



Carmen Whateley is managing director at Accenture Digital in South Africa, and is the lead for Mobility. She has 20+ years’ experience in the digital realm where her focus is on transforming business through the application and integration of Internet and mobile technologies. She joined Accenture in November 2015 from Vodacom where she was responsible for mobile marketing and advertising, and mobile money and vouchering. Prior to that, Carmen served as the divisional executive for Mobile, Digital and Payments at Nedbank.

Carmen has also filled regulatory lobbying and representative roles, serving as the first female chairperson of the Payments Association of South Africa. She was also business lead for the newly promulgated Protection of Private Information (POPI) Act and its application to the world of Big Data within the digital service domain.

Carmen has a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Psychology and Industrial Sociology, a Post Graduate Diploma in HR Management from Wits Business School, and is currently completing a Masters in Management with a focus on Executive Coaching at the University of the Witwatersrand.









Gordon Bailey-McEwan
Security Systems Engineer
F5 Networks



Gordon Bailey-McEwan is a Security Systems Engineer working for F5 Networks in Sub Saharan Africa.  He has had over 12 years’ experience in the telco; ISP; financial & vendor space on various technologies. Gordon specializes on F5’s security portfolio including DC Firewalls; Web Application Firewalls; DDoS Mitigation; Identity & Access Management and Anti-Fraud solutions.








Anton Moulder
Co-Founder and Managing Partner







Anton Moulder is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Urbian, a digital product studio of designers, developers and business strategists. Urbian operates in an agile studio model focussed on developing disruptive products, services and businesses that grow companies by being essential to people’s everyday lives.

Creating an amazing place to work, and building a team of individuals with an aligned vision is what drives Anton. His vision is for Urbian to be a place where innovation is unfettered to launch products that meet real human needs used and enjoyed by millions of people globally.

As the Managing Partner, Anton’s sphere of influence touches every project that comes through the studio with a focus on strategic planning, business model canvassing, and successful go-to-market implementation, requiring quick decisions based on data and insights. His passion for seeing something start as an idea and become a reality continually pushes him to use non-traditional strategies to solve a problem or challenge to achieve the best results.

Having studied traditional graphic design, Anton quickly moved to the digital world and worked at agencies including Switch and Bandwidth Visual Solution, designing and building motion graphics and interactive design. Anton brings this experience, partnered with his expertise in marketing, strategy, venture design, product road mapping and UX to the Urbian team.

For more information go to Urbian.co.za or follow Urbian on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn










John Elliot
Investec Digital











Ilse Louw
Digital Business Strategist, UX Specialist
IQ Business



Ilse is a Digital Strategist with research-led experience spanning corporate consulting, Financial Services, FMCG as well as a Development Economist background. She has more than 16 years of experience in applying strategic, competitive and industry analyses to bring insight and perspectives where it has the greatest impact on a client’s business development, growth and competitive positioning in its market. She has a keen interest in User Cantered Design and product development processes while applying Agile principles. She is also certified as an User Experience Analyst (HFI) and Process Professional Master (The BP Group).








Thomas van der Spuy
Callpay & EFTsecure



Before Callpay, I have been involved in many different forms of business at top level management. I was lucky enough to have been involved at different levels of business from start up to successful companies. During all these stages I have worked with some amazing people.

I’m truly passionate about payments. I consider myself to be a payments junkie. I try to understand payments, thinking outside of the box and solving problems especially for emerging markets. Callpay launched call centre telephony payments known as Assist, Monitor and Request. We then introduced our mPOS Applications in Turkey. We also power EFTsecure, an Instant EFT Payment Gateway allowing a customer to pay online using their cheque, savings or credit card accounts. We also offer Express Pay, allowing a Merchant to embed payments into pdf documents, social media, emails and sms.

Callpay became the first Payment Solutions Provider in Africa to achieve Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards v3.2 compliant Service Provider status. Callpay is regular evaluated by our Pen Testers and vigorously audited by our QSA against Mastercard & VISA regulations.

– 2015 BPESA National Awards for Technical Innovation
– 2015 Innovation Summit Award for Innovation
– 2016 Global Banking & Finance Awards – best Emerging Payments Company in South Africa

Im always eager to connect with other potential business partners. While I enjoy all aspects of business, I think my favorite stage of any project is working with the client or business unit leader to finalize a deal. As we go through that collaborative process, the ideas start to flow and negotiations heat up. That is always the fun part.

I hold a Bcompt Accounting and LLB Law Degree from the University of South Africa.

I’m always interested in hearing from other entrepreneurs, potential business partners, or just interesting folk within the payment industry, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect. Twitter @tbvanderspuy










Rory Moore
Innovation Lead



Rory Moore is the Innovation Lead for Accenture as well as Adjunct Faculty at top business schools. Rory has an MBA from a leading university where his focus was on innovation in complex environments. Rory is an innovation pioneer and assists companies in reframing their businesses through innovation initiatives. He uses innovation and change approaches and rigorously combines academic principles with real world experience to deliver business benefit.

Rory has successfully implemented many innovation initiatives with a strong focus on social based innovation, which is a more appropriate approach to innovation in today’s modern world. Rory promotes the principle of selective forgetfulness to maintain professional impartiality to recurrent industry challenges and approaches solutions from an unbiased perspective. He makes innovation work. https://www.accenture.com/za-en