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Rory Moore Innovation Lead Accenture




Rory Moore is the Innovation Lead for Accenture as well as Adjunct Faculty at top business schools. Rory has an MBA from a leading university where his focus was on innovation in complex environments. Rory is an innovation pioneer and assists companies in reframing their businesses through innovation initiatives. He uses innovation and change approaches and rigorously combines academic principles with real world experience to deliver business benefit. Rory has successfully implemented many innovation initiatives with a strong focus on social based innovation, which is a more appropriate approach to innovation in today’s modern world. Rory promotes the principle of selective forgetfulness to maintain professional impartiality to recurrent industry challenges and approaches solutions from an unbiased perspective. He makes innovation work.











Myles Rennie: Big Data and Analytics, Barclays Africa Group



Myles Rennie Role in Barclays Africa is to build strategies out for advanced analytics, towards a more data driven organisation, across Barclays Africa

Design new data architecture for full conformity, increased data availability & accuracy, and straight through processing on the Big Data stack across Barclays Africa

Deliver end-to-end Data Analytics Platform for enterprise businesses on the Big Data stack

Implement predictive modelling to drive performance management, customer profitability, customer journey analytics & marketing, customer experience, and revenue growth

Design and deliver a comprehensive machine learning solution for various Fin Crime & Fraud detection and prevention strategies. Deliver more accurate and timely business options and insights using both actuarial and machine learning prescriptive models

Driving transformation and change in the computation, governance, distribution, and consumption of business options and insights

Skills development planning for transformation and skills growth

Building a pan-African advanced analytics and data science community









Samuel de Swardt:  senior business intelligence consultant and architect, Stanlib







Samuel De Swardt is a senior business intelligence architect at StanLib, one of the largest financial asset management companies in southern Africa, which currently manages in excess of R584 billions of financial assets across the retail and institutional sectors.

With more than 15 years’ experience in BI, data warehousing and architecture, spanning a wide range of industries and companies, among those government organisations, Barlows Equipment, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Anglo American and, currently, Stanlib, De Swardt has strong analytical capabilities and is a great believer of constant innovation and improvement, continuously analysing data and data patterns.









Dr Michael Grant: Chief Technical Officer, DataProphet.com




Dr. Michael Grant is an electrical engineer by trade with a PhD in machine learning.  Michael is currently the CTO for DataProphet, a bespoke machine learning consultancy based in Cape Town.  The DataProphet team has delivered machine learning solutions into many diverse industries: including predicting sub-surface defects in foundries, detecting anomalous transactions for forensic auditors, personalised predictions of retail basket contents, context and semantically aware query bot, and on-device emotion recognition.  Michael is data obsessed and looks forward to discussing the requirements of your business and deploying machine learning solutions to add value to your business.









Ryan Falkenberg: CEO, CLEVVA



Ryan Falkenberg is co-founder and co-CEO of CLEVVA (pronounced ‘clever’), an award–winning, enterprise-level software platform that lets non-coding teams build intelligent Navigators that enable staff, irrespective of their knowledge, experience or situation, to ask the right questions, identify the right solutions, and take the right actions in line with relevant product, policy and procedural rules. The result is that organisations can unlock staff performance while ensuring consistent, compliant execution of their known business formula.

Ryan has spoken at a number of conferences on artificial intelligence and how traditional thinking in learning and knowledge management are limiting staff’s ability to stay relevant in the new economy. He writes actively on the topic of performance support, learning and human capability development in modern times.

Ryan’s Professional History

Co-Founder of High Performance Learning

A learning consultancy that created powerful new ways for staff to learn more in less than half of

traditional training times. High Performance Learning was selected as one of 5 high potential South

African companies by Endeavor in 2004

Co-Founder of CUDA Technology

A company that developed enterprise learning and knowledge management technologies aimed at making e-learning a reality for people operating in bandwidth constrained environments.

Co-Founder of CLEVVA

Ryan and Dayne then partnered up with Mark Pedersen (founder of Base10) to start CLEVVA









Marko Jakovljevic:  Founder, Overscore Artificial Intelligence



Marko Jak is a Serial Entrepreneur who is currently the founder of Overscore AI. He has an extensive Data and Devops background as a solution architect in Machine learning cloud solutions. He has a BCom Hons in Management but his technical background is a system architecture and operations background.

About Overscore AI

We are a Machine Learning startup and our product is a virtual recruitment assistant which helps medium to large companies deal with hundreds of job applications requiring, in many cases, manual screening.

Our Product is powered by our in house Natural Language Processing technology which emulates a human cognition when processing unstructured text data such as Resumes or Jobs.

Our company has had extensive experience in Conversational AI (Chatbots), AI as a Service and Natural Language Processing applications for knowledge transfer across disparate tasks











Simeon Tasse: Managing director, Galix






Simeon Tassev is the managing director of Galix, a company that assists organisations by partnering with their management on all levels, helping them to manage and improve their corporate IT infrastructure and security.   

Tassev obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Economics and has been the Managing Director of Galix for 22 years, where he has garnered decades of experience in IT infrastructure and security.  

Tassev has been involved in designing, implementing and managing the communications and information security infrastructure of a wide variety of organisations.  As credit card security became increasingly important, especially with regards to fraud, Tassev obtained certification as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) in 2012, certifying him to conduct Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) – a standard put in place by major card issuers – assessment audits. 

In January 2001, Tassev obtained the internationally recognized Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification and in June 2013, he obtained Payment Card Industry Professional (PCIP) certification