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Rory Moore Innovation Lead Accenture




Rory Moore is the Innovation Lead for Accenture as well as Adjunct Faculty at top business schools. Rory has an MBA from a leading university where his focus was on innovation in complex environments. Rory is an innovation pioneer and assists companies in reframing their businesses through innovation initiatives. He uses innovation and change approaches and rigorously combines academic principles with real world experience to deliver business benefit. Rory has successfully implemented many innovation initiatives with a strong focus on social based innovation, which is a more appropriate approach to innovation in today’s modern world. Rory promotes the principle of selective forgetfulness to maintain professional impartiality to recurrent industry challenges and approaches solutions from an unbiased perspective. He makes innovation work.











Myles Rennie: Big Data and Analytics, Barclays Africa Group



Myles Rennie Role in Barclays Africa is to build strategies out for advanced analytics, towards a more data driven organisation, across Barclays Africa

Design new data architecture for full conformity, increased data availability & accuracy, and straight through processing on the Big Data stack across Barclays Africa

Deliver end-to-end Data Analytics Platform for enterprise businesses on the Big Data stack

Implement predictive modelling to drive performance management, customer profitability, customer journey analytics & marketing, customer experience, and revenue growth

Design and deliver a comprehensive machine learning solution for various Fin Crime & Fraud detection and prevention strategies. Deliver more accurate and timely business options and insights using both actuarial and machine learning prescriptive models

Driving transformation and change in the computation, governance, distribution, and consumption of business options and insights

Skills development planning for transformation and skills growth

Building a pan-African advanced analytics and data science community









Samuel de Swardt:  senior business intelligence consultant and architect, Stanlib







Samuel De Swardt is a senior business intelligence architect at StanLib, one of the largest financial asset management companies in southern Africa, which currently manages in excess of R584 billions of financial assets across the retail and institutional sectors.

With more than 15 years’ experience in BI, data warehousing and architecture, spanning a wide range of industries and companies, among those government organisations, Barlows Equipment, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Anglo American and, currently, Stanlib, De Swardt has strong analytical capabilities and is a great believer of constant innovation and improvement, continuously analysing data and data patterns.










Dr Michael Grant: Chief Technical Officer, DataProphet.com




Dr. Michael Grant is an electrical engineer by trade with a PhD in machine learning.  Michael is currently the CTO for DataProphet, a bespoke machine learning consultancy based in Cape Town.  The DataProphet team has delivered machine learning solutions into many diverse industries: including predicting sub-surface defects in foundries, detecting anomalous transactions for forensic auditors, personalised predictions of retail basket contents, context and semantically aware query bot, and on-device emotion recognition.  Michael is data obsessed and looks forward to discussing the requirements of your business and deploying machine learning solutions to add value to your business.










Ryan Falkenberg: CEO, CLEVVA



Ryan Falkenberg is co-founder and co-CEO of CLEVVA (pronounced ‘clever’), an award–winning, enterprise-level software platform that lets non-coding teams build intelligent Navigators that enable staff, irrespective of their knowledge, experience or situation, to ask the right questions, identify the right solutions, and take the right actions in line with relevant product, policy and procedural rules. The result is that organisations can unlock staff performance while ensuring consistent, compliant execution of their known business formula.

Ryan has spoken at a number of conferences on artificial intelligence and how traditional thinking in learning and knowledge management are limiting staff’s ability to stay relevant in the new economy. He writes actively on the topic of performance support, learning and human capability development in modern times.

Ryan’s Professional History

Co-Founder of High Performance Learning

A learning consultancy that created powerful new ways for staff to learn more in less than half of

traditional training times. High Performance Learning was selected as one of 5 high potential South

African companies by Endeavor in 2004

Co-Founder of CUDA Technology

A company that developed enterprise learning and knowledge management technologies aimed at making e-learning a reality for people operating in bandwidth constrained environments.

Co-Founder of CLEVVA

Ryan and Dayne then partnered up with Mark Pedersen (founder of Base10) to start CLEVVA









Laurence Rau, Co-founder: Emerge





Laurence Rau has more than 15 years of experience in the South African financial services sector working at companies like Nedcor, Discovery and Transaction Capital. As an Industrial Engineer, Laurence is particularly excited about improving efficiencies in business process and believes machine learning is a game-changer in making corporate business much more profitable. Laurence has also started 3 entrepreneurial ventures including his most recent business called Emerge.


Laurence’s focus areas are partner management, process design, project management, sales, marketing and overall business management. He is also a team player where he enjoys taking a co-ordination role


Emerge recently participated in the Startupbootcamp Insurtech programme in London after being selected as one of 10 companies from over 2500 scouted across 90 countries. Laurence represented Emerge in the programme ultimately presenting Emerge’s value proposition in front of almost 1000 insurance professionals at London’s O2 Arena. To view the final presentation – press control and click here.
Laurence has been the primary Emerge representative involved in developing a powerful partnership with Deloitte Africa to take its technology to Market. It is certain that this partnership will offer substantial value to corporates in many industries.
Laurence was also key to Emerge being approved as a Microsoft co-sell ready independent software vendor (ISV).
Emerge has received international press exposure including profiles in the Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, Insurance Times and others.

Emerge Overview

Emerge, is built on the idea that the solutions to the world’s biggest problem lie in data. And there is a lot of data that is not being used. Emerge uses an organisation’s internal data assets to help these organisations become super-efficient and exponentially more effective by offering operational solutions to their valuable and consequential problems. They do this by building bespoke machine-learning models across the customer value chain that are constantly-learning, very accurate and quick to build.











Simeon Tasse: Managing director, Galix






Simeon Tassev is the managing director of Galix, a company that assists organisations by partnering with their management on all levels, helping them to manage and improve their corporate IT infrastructure and security.   

Tassev obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Economics and has been the Managing Director of Galix for 22 years, where he has garnered decades of experience in IT infrastructure and security.  

Tassev has been involved in designing, implementing and managing the communications and information security infrastructure of a wide variety of organisations.  As credit card security became increasingly important, especially with regards to fraud, Tassev obtained certification as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) in 2012, certifying him to conduct Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) – a standard put in place by major card issuers – assessment audits. 

In January 2001, Tassev obtained the internationally recognized Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification and in June 2013, he obtained Payment Card Industry Professional (PCIP) certification










Steve Burke: Managing Director, DigiBlu






Steve has driven digitization initiatives since the 1990’s when he was Business Development Manager for Digitization at Marconi, before switching to management consulting with A.T. Kearney where he ran innovation projects. He came to SA in 2002 and joined Absa as GM: Business Change to run the group’s strategic programmes and was responsible for planning and integration during the Barclays’ acquisition. Over the last ten years Steve has developed strategies and run transformation programmes for many banks and insurers. 

Now, he is MD of DigiBlu, a pure play Robotic Process Automation business and SA’s certified implementation partner and reseller for Blue Prism. DigiBlu implements RPA and creates digital workforces for some of SAs leading companies. 

Steve is a Sandhurst and Staff College educated former officer in the British Parachute Regiment. He holds a Masters degree in the Design of Information Systems (Cranfield) and an Honours degree in International Politics (Aberystwyth).









Mohamed Sangrodi, Management Consultant: IQ Business, Digital



Mohamed is a management consultant at IQ Business and he is currently driving and growing our Digital offering.

As a technology enthusiast, with a strong sense of delivery and the desire to attain great outcomes – He aspires to deliver solutions that make an impact, and is often described as an individual who ‘gets shit done… quickly’ so that clients gain maximum value from interactions with IQ, while at the same time empowering clients to get on without them.

I have been fortunate to be able to combine my passions for lean delivery, problem solving, and technology during my career, to gain key exposure, and learn valuable lessons from inspiring leaders and colleagues in the following areas:

  • Co-Creating operating models and service offerings in one of the largest independent
  • management consulting firms in South Africa
  • Delivery and strategising of innovative fintegration based solutions for one of SA tier one banks.
  • Crafting lasting relationships with a UK Fintech strategic partner at level39
  • Building platforms and propositions for the fintech market

This background has equipped me with the necessary tools and techniques for the pace at which we design digital initiatives and where speed, agility, and customer-centricity are basic expectations, and where disruption and change are the new normal.

I have worked with and for visionaries as well as highly experienced and successful managers, and have come to value agility, passion, courage and delivery in business.

An energetic, ambitious individual who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task undertaken or situation that he is presented with and delivers this “go getter” mind-set in his personal life as well.









Jannie  Strydom: CEO, LarcAI



LarcAI is a boutique South African company led by Jannie Strydom, an entrepreneur and business manager with a track record of twenty years’ establishing and leading successful, dynamic information technology enterprises. 

He founded and managed BI Planning Services (BiPS) for fifteen years, during which it grew to be a dominant force in data warehousing and business analytics in South Africa. In 2012, JSE-listed Adapt IT acquired the company. 

LarcAI craft Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) robots by combining Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence powered cognitive services such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), computer vision, language(NLP), speech, predictive analytics, tacit object models (emulate the decision-making ability of a human expert), virtual assistants and many more to drive your competitive advantage.Industry Professional (PCIP) certification.