Open Banking Conference

Open Banking API’s heralds the cornerstone of a new digital banking framework, which will increase customer choice, propel innovation, and open up the sector to new players. The use of API’s will help create, manage, and monitor an on-premises cloud from which you can create, promote, use, and track APIs.

With the adoption of PSD2, banks will have to rethink their position in the financial services landscape. In the current situation, banks offer a range of end-to-end financial services through various channels (online, mobile and branches), this will raise the stakes even higher.

APIs will afford customers more options to interact with their bank. In this scenario, the bank will serve as a platform on top of which third-party companies can build their own applications using the bank’s data.

Open Banking will transform financial institutions into digital platforms by securely exposing their data and products, while providing innovative services to their customers.

This high-level, interactive conference will reveal new insights into standards and legislation as they are being set, and identify practical, commercial strategies that firms can employ in the new environment.

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