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Data visualization has becoming a progressively important module of analytics in the era of big data. Industries such as Finance, Insurance, Education, Logistics, Telecommunications, Energy, Government, Healthcare, Travel, and Retail have a vast amount of data streaming into their systems, and should they wish to take full advantage of visual analytics; organizations will need to address several challenges related to visualization and big data.

A bad dashboard can cost a company millions, It means that whilst these other technologies are developing, people working in data visualization need to try and find a way of making their visualizations stand out from the crowd, without making it overly complex. This could mean more intense colours, increased interactivity or simply using the most interesting data, but finding the correct way is certainly a hurdle to overcome in the next few years.

As technology has advanced, the fighting between cyber security professionals and cyber criminals is evolving every year. Criminals are becoming more cultured, forcing security professionals to continually step up their game. The goal of cyber security visualization is to help analysts increase the safety and soundness of their digital infrastructures by providing effective tools and workspaces.

The overall purpose of the Conference is to be brings programmers and data science languages to the same table as the web programmers and user experience designers that are increasingly fuelling data visualisation technology.

Conference Themes

• Explore data Visualisation fundamentals
• Business Benefits of utilising Data Visualization
• The UX of data visualisation
• Trends in Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence
• Associating Information Visualization with Machine Learning
• Improve IT Cyber-Security with Visual Analytics


• Hear from experts that represent the industry’s top companies
• Evaluate how to reduce cost, risk and difficulties in increasing customer acceptance and loyalty
• Network with a wide range of representatives from across the mobile payments industry and build your network
• Analyse latest trends and new advances driving the industry
• Examine case studies on how some industry leaders got it right


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