Customer Centricity Conferene 2018

South African consumers have been deemed among the highest markets of individuals who are slowly responding positively to digital disruption.

According to James McCormick, principal analyst at Forrester, a leading research and advisory firm, we’re living in ‘The Age of the Customer’ and businesses that develop “customer-obsessed strategy” will lead the way with “customer-obsessed transformation”.

Since the recent financial crisis, pressure on capital and liquidity has led banks and other lending institutions to restrict their lending and focus on making profit and gathering deposit. A vigorous regulatory agenda has also curtailed sources of non-interest income and caused operating costs to escalate, as a result, traditional paths have become more challenging.

In the retail space, every interaction with a consumer is a chance for a brand to surprise and delight—or a missed opportunity to do so. The promise of data-driven marketing is that brands will be able to ensure each touchpoint is part of a cohesive and customized omnichannel experience, whilst the insurers who wish to delight their customers will be turning to digital channels to quickly and painlessly handle routine requests. This will in turn free time for customer service employees, allowing them to refocus their efforts on complex cases and often changing the nature of work they do.

Join other marketing executives and leaders and engage in discussions about incorporating the latest technologies in customer experience, hear about the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots. Learn the most powerful metric in marketing today: Predictive customer lifetime value.

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